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"Women can greatly improve their odds of achieving or avoiding pregnancy by understanding their body's natural fertility symptoms using fertility awareness techniques."


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Fertility is an instructional site dedicated to helping you manage your fertility. It is intended to help you understand how fertility awareness can be used to understand your fertility. Whether your goal is achieving or postponing pregnancy, fertility charting can greatly improve your odds. This site will show you how.

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How can a website teach fertility?

Pregnancy does not just happen. In fact, conception is only possible during a short interval of the monthly female cycle. This fertile time is designated by ovulation. Left up to chance, timing of intercourse eventually lines up with ovulation and conception occurs. This is how most couples get pregnant.

Couples do not need to leave conception up to chance though. There are proven techniques that can identify the most fertile days of a woman's cycle. This information can be used to achieve or avoid pregnancy. All that is required is the tracking of a few personal symptoms. These symptoms change predictably as the body prepares for ovulation. This site can teach couples to stay in tune with these signs and understand female fertility.

Use of these techniques is often described as the fertility awareness method or natural family planning. The techniques are inexpensive, scientifically backed, and have been used for decades. They are commonly used by couples urgently trying to conceive or by those looking for a natural means of avoiding pregnancy.

This site will help give you the tools and information needed to stay in tune with your body and your fertility. To begin, please select whether your goal is achieving or postponing pregnancy.