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"Paper charting is an excellent option for couples who do not have regular access to a computer running fertility software."


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Today users can choose between conventional paper charting and software charting. Resources for both are available on this site.

Paper Charts

Traditionally symptothermal charts were drawn and interpreted on paper. This approach can still be used. Couples start off with a template and record symptoms from day to day. The chart should periodically be reviewed to analyze fertility. Analysis is performed manually using fertility awareness techniques described on this site. Learning how to interpret charts can be learned with practice. All users should have a basic understanding of how to interpret their charts, even if software interpretation is used. Electronic charting can be a great alternative and help couples learn how to create and interpret symptothermal charts.

Instructions for Paper Charting

  1. Download and print a paper chart template.
  2. Print a blank chart at the beginning of each cycle
  3. Enter temperatures in the left margin based upon the temperature scale you wish to use (Fahrenheit or Celsius). Also date the cycle for future reference.
  4. Update the chart to record your fertility symptoms daily
  5. Periodically review the chart to analyze your fertility and attempt to pinpoint ovulation. Tips on analyzing your symptoms are available here.
  6. Save your past charts for future reference. You may also consider bringing them to visit your doctor if you are inquiring about fertility issues since they can be helpful to identify ovulation.
Users can create symptothermal charts by printing a blank chart template such as the one available on this site. Fertility data can be

Free Paper Chart Template

Click here to download a blank BBT chart in Microsoft Excel format.

Software Charting

Software charting has largely supplemented paper charting in situations where a computer is available. Charting electronically is generally easier and more convenient. It also allows couples to benefit from software interpretation of their charts.

More information on fertility charting software is available on this site.