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"Chart shading allows couples to learn to chart and understand their fertility faster than ever before!"


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Chart shading is a powerful visualization tool that depicts recorded symptoms and interpreted fertility levels on a symptothermal chart simultaneously. It makes charts much more understandable and can help couples new to fertility awareness understand fertility more quickly.

Darker areas indicate high fertility levels. A given symptom indicates high chances of getting pregnant on days that are shaded dark. Light areas indicate a reduced opportunity for pregnancy. Areas between these two extremes are shaded proportionately.

How It Works

Normally a symptothermal chart is just a chart of recorded symptoms. Aside from some optional indicators of ovulation, limited information about actual fertility and odds of conception are given. This makes it difficult to know when the best times for intercourse are to try to achieve or avoid pregnancy. The user is left struggling to make sense of all of the data or blindly accepting electronic interpretation.

Chart shading solves this by merging the recorded symptothermal data with interpreted fertility levels. This makes it easy to see when fertility is ramping up, ramping down, high, low, and in between. Each symptom is shaded separately. If symptoms disagree about ovulation or fertility, shading makes this immediately apparent. Couples can decide whether to error on the safe side or to put more faith in the fertility estimate derived from a given symptom.

Chart shading makes it possible to see both interpreted fertility levels and recorded symptoms. This can greatly help users understand the relationship between symptoms and fertility. In doing so, users are better prepared to learn to interpret and get involved in understanding their own charts.

Where to Get It

This technique is only available with electronic charting tools that can accurately control the applied shading patterns. There are limited software packages and websites with access to this new technology. My Fertility Charts and the Hormonal Forecaster are examples of software packages that supports it. The software page describes software options in more detail and includes further information about this software.

Be sure to consider whether or not electronic software tools and services support this powerful feature before beginning to enter your symptoms just anywhere.