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"Fertility software is extremely powerful and can help couples understand their fertility. Features like chart shading make learning about fertility awareness easier than ever before!"


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Most couples find fertility software extremely useful. It offers convenience by collecting and organizing recorded symptoms and automatically generating full symptothermal charts. Software can also aid in analyzing fertility based upon recorded symptoms. It can calculate ovulation dates and project fertility associated with these calculations to make fertility more understandable.

What to Look for in Fertility Software

Look for a software program that supports fertility awareness or natural family planning techniques. It should be capable of generating symptothermal charts. This is helpful even if you do not initially plan to track fertility symptoms. Support for this feature will allow you to begin fertility charting later if your needs change.

Many fertility software programs do not support full symptothermal charting and analysis. A majority of software packages and websites only apply the rhythm method to estimate ovulation and fertility. This approach can be deceptively simple since it does not always offer a good estimate of fertility. Couples should be aware of the differences. It is okay to use the rhythm method if only a very rough estimate of ovulation is desired. Keep in mind that the rhythm method does not work for everyone. Symptothermal charting does though and software should be evaluated with this option in mind.

Whether you are new to fertility charting or not, chart shading can greatly enhance your experience. Shading makes chart interpretation much simpler. It also helps users better understand the relationship between their symptoms and fertility and ovulation. This can empower users to understand how to interpret their own charts more quickly.

Many couples particularly like the ability to forecast future cycles. This estimate assumes regular cycle length to create these projections. You may want to look for software that supports this.

Another popular feature is the ability to record custom information. This usually includes custom text or notes to associate with each date as well as other symptoms. These symptoms can be anything and may not even be directly related to fertility. Common examples include spotting, headaches, breast tenderness, illness, etc. Software that supports recording custom fields can be more useful.

Recommended Software

The online software at is an excellent charting aid that evolved from the Hormonal Forecaster desktop software. The Hormonal Forecaster family of products have been helping couples with their fertility for more than a decade. Both the web edition and desktop software support a wide range of features and are arguably the best that is available. Couples can sign up for the online edition or download the software and begin trying it out for free without any obligations.

The following table compares the Hormonal Forecaster against its closest competitors. No other fertility software solution can offer all of the same powerful features included in the Hormonal Forecaster.

Feature Hormonal Forecaster Family of Software Other Symptothermal Software Other Rhythm Method Software
Project future cycles Yes Some Yes
Estimate ovulation using the rhythm method Yes Yes Yes
Ability to record personal notes Yes Yes Some
Generate symptothermal charts Yes Yes No
Support for temperature charting Yes Yes No
Support for cervical mucus records Yes Yes No
Support for cervix observations Yes Yes Some
Support for saliva ferning Yes Rare No
Support for gender prediction Yes Rare No
Support for chart shading Yes No No
Support for custom symptoms Yes Some No
Elaborate statistical analysis of recorded events Yes No No
Support for synchronization with other platforms Yes No No